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Where It Began

Lone Star Land Restoration (LSLR) traces its origins to a profound commitment to land stewardship, born from our parent company, Lone Star Trapping LLC. Established to address the significant challenge of invasive feral hogs in Texas, our journey began with a mission to protect landscapes and ecosystems from these destructive forces. As we expanded our expertise in wildlife management, we embraced the opportunity to contribute to the broader field of land restoration. Our involvement in installing hog-proof fencing for utility-scale solar projects marked a pivotal shift, allowing us to leverage our skills and passion for a greater cause. This transition was not just a change in services but a leap towards realizing our vision of comprehensive land stewardship.

What We Value

At the core of Lone Star Land Restoration is a deep-seated commitment to the principles of stewardship, integrity, innovation, quality, community, and sustainability. Our foundation is built on the responsible management and conservation of our natural resources, ensuring they thrive for generations to come. We operate with unwavering honesty and ethical practices, making transparency and trust the cornerstones of our relationships with clients and partners. Our dedication to innovation drives us to continuously explore new and efficient solutions for land restoration, employing cutting-edge techniques and technologies to achieve excellence.



We believe in the responsible management and conservation of natural resources, ensuring they are preserved for future generations.



Our work is grounded in honesty, transparency, and ethical practices, ensuring trust and reliability in every project.



We continuously seek new and effective solutions for land restoration, employing the latest techniques and technologies.



Excellence in service is our hallmark. We are committed to delivering superior results that exceed expectations.



Building strong relationships with landowners and communities is at the heart of what we do, fostering partnerships based on respect and mutual benefit.



Our approach is eco-friendly, focusing on restoration methods that enhance the environment while meeting our clients' needs.

Meet The Team


Wyatt Walton

Wyatt Walton is the driving force behind Lone Star Land Restoration, leveraging his extensive experience from founding Lone Star Trapping LLC to address the pressing need for sustainable land management. His commitment to stewardship and innovative solutions has propelled LSLR to the forefront of land restoration services. With a hands-on approach and a deep passion for the environment, Wyatt embodies the spirit of conservation, guiding his team to rejuvenate and protect natural landscapes for future generations.

Vice President

John Kortes

John Kortes is the operational backbone of Lone Star Land Restoration, where he meticulously oversees the systems and internal company operations. With a keen eye for efficiency and a steadfast commitment to excellence, John ensures that every aspect of LSLR runs smoothly and effectively. His leadership in streamlining processes and fostering a collaborative work environment has been instrumental in the company's ability to deliver outstanding land restoration services.

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